Media PropTech investments have totaled $4.6 billion over the past decade

PropTech investments have totaled $4.6 billion over the past decade

07 June 2024
PropTech investments have totaled $4.6 billion over the past decade

PropTech Investment Reaches $4.6 Billion Over the Past 14 Years

PropTech firms have received investments totaling $4.6 billion over the last 14 years, reflecting resilient growth since FY 2011.

Transformative Impact of Technology on Real Estate

This rapid growth underscores the transformative impact of technology on the real estate industry, driving efficiency and innovation, according to the annual PE Investment Round-Up report by

Investment Trends Amid Global Economic Uncertainties

Despite global economic uncertainties, funding in PropTech firms experienced a marginal dip in FY 2024, with investments totaling $657 million, down from $683 million in FY 2023. This figure represents 90% of the record high of $730 million investment received by the PropTech sector in FY 2022.

Leading Segments in PropTech Investments

The shared economy and construction technology segments have emerged as leaders in the PropTech space, with 55% and 23% of the overall private investments in FY 2024, respectively.

"In the face of global uncertainties and a general downturn in fundraising across sectors during the last couple of years, the PropTech sector has shown remarkable resilience. Since FY 2011, it has sustained an impressive CAGR of 40%. In FY 2024, it achieved its highest-ever average deal size of $27 million, reflecting robust investor confidence in the digital real estate space. Over the past decade, and particularly in the last three years, the real estate sector has significantly advanced in embracing innovative technologies. This positive momentum is expected to continue, driving further advancements and efficiencies in the real estate market," said Dhruv Agarwala, Group CEO of and

Focus on Construction Technology Solutions

The report highlighted that PropTech companies focusing on construction technology solutions received 23% of the total funding in FY 2024. This reflects real estate developers' focus on reducing construction times while maintaining high-quality standards. In countries like India, PropTech solutions are being adopted for efficient project management due to prolonged construction cycles driving up project costs. The coworking segment has rapidly expanded over the past three years, driven by the growing demand for flexible workspace solutions from corporations.

Rise of PropTech in India

"The rise of PropTech is rewriting the industry's narrative in India’s traditional real estate sector. While real estate assets have seen modest growth, with a 2% CAGR (FY 2011-24), the remarkable 40% growth of PropTech not only reflects investor confidence but also highlights its disruptive potential and scalability. Cumulative investments in PropTech have reached $4.6 billion, with 68% of this influx occurring after 2020, driven by the pandemic-induced digital acceleration. As the industry continues to navigate the digital frontier, the convergence of technology and real estate promises a future marked by unprecedented opportunity and evolution. Not merely a passing trend, it's a fundamental restructuring of an industry long overdue for innovation," said Ankita Sood.

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