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Tech-Driven RealEstate Investment Solutions by Integrow Asset Management

About Integrow

Integrow is a next-generation, tech-driven RealEstate investment platform. Our investment products focus on institutional-grade residential and commercial RealEstate assets that have traditionally been opaque & inaccessible to individuals as well as institutional investors. Our current offerings focus on residential and commercial real estate with an aim to delivering sustainable alpha to all the stakeholders through our 100+ years of combined investment experience.

Products & Solutions

Our offerings are targeted towards Individual investors, Institutional investors, Channel partners, Commercial property owners and RealEstate developers. Our team of experts guide and manage the RealEstate investment portfolios of Individual investors. As a reliable RealEstate AMC, we enable investment and valuation for Institutional investors. We offer comprehensive property management solutions for Commercial property owners to optimize occupancy rates, reduce costs, and enhance the value of their assets. Integrow facilitates working capital requirements of RealEstate developers at different stages of construction.

Value proposition

  • 1. Empowering investors to invest directly in high-quality assets, vetted by rigorous, institutional due diligence and active asset management.
  • 2. Seasoned leadership and investment team with 100+ years of experience spanning across numerous market cycles.
  • 3. Our strong partnerships give unparalleled access to institutional grade investing opportunities to investors.
  • 4. Comprehensive Evaluation by way of multi-step investment process with rigorous evaluation parameters and disciplined deal structuring.
  • 5. Cutting-edge on-the-go reporting of progress and investment performance.
  • 6. Active Risk Management through end-to-end Asset Management capabilities and delivery monitoring systems.
  • 7. Technology and data led intelligence used in performance analysis, reporting and forecasting.

Our in-house tech platform, Arjava, for RealEstate is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we can track developer journey, empowering innovation, collaboration, and efficiency. With a user-centric approach, intuitive interfaces, and extensive documentation, we are in the process of building next wave of technological advancements in RealEstate through trust, transparency and accountability for enhanced efficiency and accelerated project delivery.

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