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About Aurum Analytica

Aurum Analytica is at the forefront of revolutionizing the RealEstate industry through the integration of advanced PropTech solutions. With a relentless commitment to leveraging RealEstate data analytics, our mission is to empower stakeholders with transformative business intelligence and decision-making tools. Our team, consisting of certified and experienced RealEstate professionals, synergizes domain expertise with cutting-edge PropTech to create a seamless, data-driven experience for our clients. Our core values of teamwork, diligence, and precision guide us as we propel the realty sector into a new era of innovation.

Solutions and Services

Lead Generation: Experience the synergy of AI and RealEstate data analytics as we deliver superior lead generation services. Our approach enhances sales and conversions, offering a tangible impact on your business's bottom line.

Data Analytics: Unlock the potential of data with our comprehensive analytics solutions. We provide indispensable business intelligence and real-time insights that empower sound decision-making at all levels.

Broker Community Platform: Our innovative platform not only connects RealEstate professionals but also serves as a hub for sharing business intelligence. Collaborate, learn, and grow within our vast network.

Marketing Strategies: Elevate your marketing strategies with our data-driven insights. Our holistic solutions integrate business intelligence to enable targeted and effective outreach to your desired audience.

Consulting Services: Our certified RealEstate professionals offer consulting services that combine domain expertise with innovative decision-making tools. Benefit from a unique blend of human insight and technological innovation.

Value Proposition

Holistic Solutions: Our comprehensive solutions span the entire RealEstate project cycle, seamlessly integrating RealEstate data analytics to offer invaluable business insights and intelligence. These decision-making tools empower stakeholders to make informed choices and optimize outcomes.

Insightful Analytics: We provide actionable insights through automated and analytical solutions, facilitating in-depth understanding of performance metrics. This granular view empowers stakeholders to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness at every step.

Proprietary Algorithms: Our proprietary technology algorithms form the backbone of our services, delivering targeted results that fuel marketing and sales acceleration. These algorithms are engineered to provide unparalleled business intelligence.

Global Broker Community: Through our innovative broker community platform, we connect with over 1,00,000 registered channel partners and subject matter experts worldwide. This expansive network not only fosters collaboration but also amplifies the reach of our business intelligence solutions.

Behavioural Data Insights: With a distinct competitive advantage, we glean insights from analysing over 4 billion behavioural data points across diverse social platforms. This data-driven approach nurtures leads and furnishes B2C RealEstate space players with a strategic edge.

AI-Driven Lead Generation: Our AI-powered lead generation process, backed by RealEstate data analytics, has consistently generated over 400,000 high-quality home buyer leads. This dynamic approach has resulted in an impressive transaction value of more than $340 million for our clients.

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Experience the power of PropTech solutions that drive growth, enhance decision-making, and transform businesses. Whether you're a RealEstate promoter, developer, or professional, our holistic approach, powered by AI and insightful analytics, will empower you to scale new heights and maximize returns.