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About Nestaway

Nestaway, was established in Bengaluru by Amarendra Sahu, Deepak Dhar, Jitendra Jagadev and Smruti Parida in January 2015. All four founders had experienced a common problem – finding a home in the big city. Young people faced different kinds of discrimination. Single women and bachelors are considered unreliable. Migrants from other places are viewed with suspicion as they appear as ‘foreigners’ in a new city. Further, many newcomers did not have the knowhow to get around, lacking access to local insights in a new city. We concluded that people leaving homes to relocate to another city needed more than just a house. They needed a place they could call home, a community where they would be accepted and a platform which allows connections to various other access points.

The company's philosophy centers around three key principles:

Simple: Nestaway aims to simplify the process of finding homes by providing additional services and furnished accommodations. Their focus is on allowing young individuals to dedicate their time to pursuing their aspirations, rather than getting bogged down by housing-related challenges.

Equitable: Nestaway seeks to eliminate discrimination against young migrants and provide a platform where older and younger generations can find common ground. By fostering equitable relationships, they intend to create a more harmonious living environment.

Accessible: Nestaway strives to offer affordable housing solutions that cater to individual needs and preferences. They aim to remove intermediaries, like brokers, who often influence housing decisions and instead provide options that align with tenants' tastes.

Solutions and services

  • 1. Housing Solutions: Nestaway primarily provides housing solutions to individuals, especially young migrants, and professionals, who are relocating to big cities. we offer a range of options to cater to different budgets and preferences. This includes furnished homes, which simplifies the process for tenants who might not have their own furniture.

  • 2. Inclusive Living Environment: Nestaway goes beyond just providing housing by creating an inclusive living environment. They aim to address discrimination and biases faced by certain groups, such as single women and bachelors. Their focus on bridging the gap between generations also contributes to an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and valued.

  • 3. Community Building: The concept of the "Nestie community" is central to Nestaway's approach. They aim to foster connections among their tenants, providing a readymade network of people who can connect and support each other. This community is intended to facilitate interactions and shared interests among residents.

  • 4. Additional Services: While not explicitly mentioned in the content provided, Nestaway's services likely extend beyond housing itself. They might offer additional services such as maintenance, support, and potentially even events that help residents integrate into the local community and make the most of their living experience.

  • 5. Affordability: One of Nestaway's goals is to make housing more affordable and accessible to a wider range of individuals. By offering various housing options and removing intermediaries like brokers, they strive to ensure that housing solutions are more aligned with tenants' financial constraints.

  • 6. Simplicity: Nestaway aims to simplify the process of finding housing by providing a streamlined platform where tenants can easily search for and choose homes that suit their needs. By offering furnished accommodations and additional services, they aim to make the experience of moving and settling in easier for their clients.

  • 7. Future Directions: The content suggests that Nestaway sees its core focus as housing, but also hints at potential expansion into other directions. While not explicitly outlined, this could include services and offerings that complement the housing solutions, such as community events, partnerships with local businesses, and more.

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